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I quilt and think


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It’s Thursday and it’s time to linky up your quilty process here at Pretty Bobbins!  Sometimes I think too much, I always have.  In fact one of my favourite things to do is quilt and think (I’m not one to watch TV and piece, I prefer the company of my own thoughts).  This week I’ve been thinking a lot about being a professional quilter and blogger and what that means.  But first up I want to feature the incredibly talented Jess of The Elven Garden.

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

I remember first coming across Jess and being so incredibly impressed with her quilting.  Seriously amazing stuff!  She is now teaching and has been published in magazines and is generally a bit of a quilting superstar in my books :)  I’m looking forward to meeting Jess in real life and sharing a room at QuiltCon next year!!

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden - saw this in person, it's AMAZING!!

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden – saw this in person, it’s AMAZING!!

Yesterday Jess wrote a post about thinking and quilting.  Now I’ll admit that I quilt and think, the two go hand in hand for me.  Jess talked about how some of us are mindful quilters and some aren’t and how she’s realised that she is totally happy “just” making pretty things and being happy <3  Jess, I’ll be happy if you keep making pretty things!  The world needs more quilt candy, be it mindfully made or thrown together with purpose rather than deep thought involved ;)

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Seriously, this kind of talent kills me!  ABSOLUTELY stunning!  If you haven’t already, please head over to The Elven Garden and say hi to Jess.  Her work is all things wonderful <3

Quilting with my Miss

Quilting with my Miss

The only quilting I’ve been up to lately is a super simple quilt for Francois, my daughter’s class mascot.  The children in her class laid out the charm squares and we made the quilt together at home.  We added photographs to the Francois’ scrapbook and I have hung a few copies in my sewing room <3

Triangle quilt in progress

Triangle quilt in progress

As usual I have been thinking a lot about my business and I’ve decided to aim to have a market stall.  We all know that pricing is arguably the hardest part of quilting and I very much believe that we should charge what we’re worth.  I have a super hard time following through with this and generally tend to sell myself short.  I have decided that everything I make for market will be properly priced.  I’ve been timing myself as I’m working and you may be interested to hear my progress.

Cutting:  50 minutes

Layout: 40 minutes

Piecing: 205 minutes

That’s almost 5 hours of work before basting, quilting and binding and this is only a cot sized quilt.  Of course I will probably chicken out and charge far less than the finished quilt is actually worth, but at least by figuring out an accurate cost based on time, materials and skill I can educate myself.  In this same vein I urge you to visit this post by Mandalei Quilts on working for free.  It is definitely food for thought and fits with my own experience of realising that as much as I love to accept free fabric, the work that I put into my work is worth far more than the say $50 worth of free fabric.  As a business I just don’t think I can afford to work for free anymore.  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one :)

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So that’s my thinky quilty Thursday :)  Please link up your quilty process below <3

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Princess Quilt


I have a little Miss who turned three on the weekend and is obsessed with Princesses.  We have been trying to decide on a name for her dolly and she is adamant that dolly should be called “Princess”.  Anyway, with a third birthday looming we decided it was time for Missy to move into a big girl bed and a quilt was therefore needed.

Princess Quilt in direct sunlight

As I mentioned previously, this quilt is sooooo hard to photograph.  The colours come across as washed out.  Trust me, this one is a stunner.  I love absolutely everything about it and it is not at all washed out in real life :)

This shot captures the true colours of the Princess Quilt well

I started out with some Alexandra Henry “Princess Kingdom” prints from Hawthorne Threads and then pulled themed prints from my stash (I was quite shocked when I discovered three magic toadstool prints, there’s a possibility that I’ve become a hoarder!).  I then selected high value/high volume/saturated prints from my stash, many of these have come from my stash subscription with Pink Castle Threads.  I actually meant to use a darker background as Missy is known for staining quilts with textas but I ended up using some Bella Bleached White from the Fat Quarter Shop (I use both Kona and Bella solids but have a slight preference for Bella).  (And this post isn’t sponsored, just letting you know where to source these goodies.)

Lovely Princess prints by Alexander Henry

I framed each of the feature prints in the high value prints and then added white sashing.  I love improv piecing and I’ve found that it pays to layout your pieces on the design wall, break them up into sections and then try and get these sections to either the same width or length.  To do this I generally cut sashing at two widths, a wide sashing of around 3.5″ and a narrower sashing of around 2″.  These can then be trimmed back or added to.

In this progress shot you can better see how different sized blocks were pieced together using a wide and a narrow sashing

I added some floating blocks to the top and the bottom using some super special Liberty of London scraps, some voile and some favourite quilting cottons.

The top and bottom feature floating squares of some favourite prints, Liberty scraps and voiles.

I like big quilts.  I like a quilt that covers the pillows and hangs nicely over the end as well as both sides.  This quilt ended up at 87″ x 62″ (I lost a fair amount in both trimming and washing) and I love the size.

L-R: Rainbow I Spy Quilt, Princess Quilt, Kitchen Windows Quilt

I actually didn’t realise that I had unintentionally made quite similar quilts for my children until I lay down and admired them.  How cool is this view?  If only I could snuggle here all day!

I love that they match without being too matchy-matchy

I used a super soft and snuggly Anna Maria Horner flannel (again from Hawthorne Threads) for the back.  I love how the quilting looks on the back :)

AMH flannel paired with 100% wool batting makes for a super snugly quilt!

Free motion quilting is my passion.  If I could quilt every day of my life I would be a happy woman indeed.  A little while ago I read a quote that was something like, “be so awesome that they can’t ignore you” and it has rung in my ears ever since.  I put that philosophy 100% into my quilting.  I want to be a famous quilter, not for the money or the fame (like there’s any of that in handmade LOL) but because I want enough people to want me to quilt for them and actually get paid so I can make this my job.  That’s the dream, but the reality is that I love to quilt and that I spend a lot of time coming up with designs, practicing them and making myself the best quilter I can be.  And I enjoy it! :)

Here you see a mix of feathers, dense lines and large pebbles. The quilting was designed to enhance and compliment, but not overshadow the quilt.

I quilted feathers in the negative space around the floating blocks in a soft pink (if you’re looking for a soft pink thread, try this one!) Aurifil 2410 in 50wt. I would have used it for the whole quilt except the spool was low, so I outlined the feathers in white (Aurifil 2024 in 50wt) and then densely FMQed the blank areas.

I quilted around the designs in some of the larger prints.

I quilted large pebbles between the feature blocks.  I didn’t want the quilting to distract from the prints and I think I achieved this well.

Each section of the quilt is quilted differently but all with a princess in mind. I see vines covering a tower, flowers to be used for a crown and true love aplenty :)

I saw the negative space between the curved borders on the side and the pieced center as an opportunity to have fun.  Again using the soft pink (Aurifil 2410) I did a kind of curvy pattern inspired by Angela Walters quilting of Tula Pink’s Anchor Quilt.  I would have liked to have had three of these on both sides, but I didn’t have space to do a third nicely so instead I densely FMQed swirls, butterflies, paisleys, hearts, flowers and a few words in white (Aurifil 2024 in 50wt).

The curvy lines on the left were inspired by the quilting of Angela Walters on Tula Pink’s Anchor Quilt.

The curved pieced border was a lot of fun and a key feature of this quilt.  I selected matching low value prints from my stash cut them at 7″ x 5″ and then did an improv curved piecing technique to join them to the bella bleached white.  I realised afterwards that I should have done this part slightly differently to get perfect corners but  am happy with how it turned out.

The pink quilting in the pieced border was inspired by a ribbon I bought years ago.

Coming up with a quilting design for the pieced border was difficult.  I worked hard to make sure that the borders were directional when the quilt is hanging on a bed.  I wanted to incorporate love-hearts into the design but it was difficult to come up with a repetitive, princess type design that was directional and did not overpower the prints.  Yes, I think a LOT about every aspect of the quilt LOL  I’m super pleased with the design I came up with in the end and Aurifil 2452 in 50wt was a perfect fit!

I have not always had great results using different top and bottom thread when quilting but I didn’t want to use super light threads on the back.  I paired Aurifil 2510 (a light lavender) with white and used a lot of the dusty pink (Aurifil 2452) in the bobbin.  This worked well because the colours were similar enough not to cause any tension issues and I got the look I wanted on both the front and back.

Quilting detail on back

I know I’ve already said it, but I LOVE this quilt.  It even fits on my bed, but seeing as I quilted my daughter’s name onto it I figure she should keep it ;)

Princess Quilt (very large and very hard to photograph well!)


This quilt was designed, pieced and quilted by me on my Bernina 440QE using Aurifil threads.  I used 100% wool batting, flannel back and an array of quilting cottons (including bella solids) for the top.  It measures 87″ by 62″ and was deemed fit by my little princess ;)  We’re hoping to find a pea under her mattress which we can then remove to solve all of our sleep problems ;)

Whilst I love, love, loved making this quilt (which I think took about two weeks, funny how speedy I can be with a deadline!) I am happy to be back to more saturated projects :)  Next up is a mini for Mr Husband for father’s day <3  Do you tend to work with the same palette over and over or do you mix it up?  Do you feel a bit funny when working with a palette outside of your comfort zone?  What do you do to make it work or check that you’re on the right track?  I’d love to hear about your process :)

I’m linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday at Better Off Thread and Anything Goes Mondays at Stitch by Stitch :)

A couple of cushions


Pirate cushion

My most recent finishes are of the small variety.  Cushions for birthday gifts.  I love to make them and they are always well received :)

Cushion for the adorable Victoire

Ironically after two and a half years in Noumea, just last weekend I connected with some local crafty types.  Rue Bon is a lovely sewing blog by a mother at the same school as my middle child.  Fancy that!  I am totally inspired by her liberty tunic.  It’s put me in the mind to sew a few more items for myself…  I love that we weren’t the only family giving a handmade gift last weekend, yay for handmade!

Pirate pillow

Whilst I am not over the finish line for my daughter’s Princess Quilt yet, I did finish the top this morning.  I LOVE this quilt top!  I love everything about it.  I love those low value borders, the fun curve, how the colours tie in but don’t overpower the centre.  It is not an easy quilt to photograph though, I’ve fiddled with the photos to try and show you what it really looks like, but you might have to trust me, it is lovely in real life :)

Princess Quilt top

I love the floating squares (some Liberty in there too!), I have no idea how I’m going to quilt this one but there is so much room for fun!

Pieced Princess Quilt

I’m a 2″ short on my backing fabric (a gorgeous AMH flannelette that I used recently for a cot quilt).  The top measures in at a whopping 100″ x 70″. It’s meant to be twin/single size and I was aiming for closer to 90″ in length.  But at least it will cover the pillow and drape nicely over the end of the bed.  My daughter turns three in a week so I’m hoping to baste this beauty tonight and get some quilting in over the weekend.  Wish me luck!!

Curvy pieced border

I’m linking up with TGIFF over at Amy’s Crafty Shenanigans.


Easy Peasy Princess Dress


My youngest is about to turn three years old and is completely obsessed with princesses.  Last year she was given a Snow White dress for her birthday, and even though I took it up (it was a size 5) she has trampled it and ripped it and it desperately needs replacing.  Recently we were invited to a princess party and I couldn’t help myself.  I had to make Miss 3 a new princess dress.

Princess in the garden

Years ago when my Nanny (grandmother) passed away all of my aunts and uncles were set up with their own homes and my cousins were young so I ended up receiving lots of household items (I still think of her every time I cook a roast in her roasting pan!).  My Nanny was such a stylish lady, one of those women who aged gracefully, was always immaculately dressed and was just the kind of person that you want to be around.  Oh, I still miss her!

Princess picking flowers

Getting back to the point, I inherited Nanny’s gold satin sheets.  I have no idea how she used them, they’re so slippery that you slide right out of bed LOL  I could barely keep them folded in the cupboard, so in the end I stuffed them in my fabric stash. They have been fantastic for costumes!  I’ve made pirate skirts, a snow white skirt for me, appliqué fairies and now a Princess Dress for my little Miss.

Twirling Princess

This has to be the easiest dress around, it only has one seam and you could easily make one in cotton for a summer dress (not all Princesses wear gold satin all of the time) ;)  I’ve written up a tutorial and just need to take some photos to go with it.  We even made some bijoux (jewelry) to go with the dress.

Princess bijoux

I used bead elastic and enclosed the ends in fabric then added snaps.  If it is pulled the snaps should come undone, but at this age she shouldn’t wear jewelry unsupervised anyway.


And if you haven’t got your fill of cute princess photos, here is one last one for you :)

Princess dress back

I’m linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday at Better Off Thread.

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A Cluster of Cushions


TGIFF is at Molli’s place this week, how could I not link up?  If you haven’t checked out Molli’s blog, please do, you’ll find quilty talent, humour abundant and sparkles for all.

Single Aunt on wall

I shared my most recent quilt finish earlier in the week.  A huge thank you for all the love, I was somewhat nervous of the reaction as it has a naughty word quilted into it.  Well, it turns out I’m not the only potty mouthed quilter! ;)

Single aunt quilting details
In case you missed it, the quilting is a little easier to read side on :)

I have had a couple of other finishes this week and recently that seems to be turning into a bit of a staple for me.  Call them cushions or pillows (in Australia we sleep with a pillow and have a cushion on the sofa, I think it’s the opposite elsewhere), I have a plethora to share with you this week :)

butterfly cushion front

First up is the butterfly cushion cover that I made as a test run for the Flight of the Butterflies quilt.  My friend bought both the quilt and cushion cover and they’ll head off to Ireland soon.  I used a lovely Kate Spain print on the back which also features in the quilt

butterfly cushion back
Flight of the Butterflies quilt and cushion back

I’m obviously losing my mind (no need to comment) because I cannot remember whether I shared a photo of this finished cushion…  It is for one of our favourite families who is moving to Florida next week.  I made this cushion cover for their son who is 5 and included an appliqué hand print of each of our children and him as well as some meaningful words.

farewell cushion

It seems that we’ve hit birthday season and have two 5 year old girl birthday parties this weekend!  I’m sharing these early and hoping that they’re not surfing the net hunting down their gifts ;)

Girly pillowcase

I’m a total sucker for appliqué names on gifts for kids.  It makes a simple pillowcase so much more special and meaningful :)

applique pillowcase

I REALLY need to get to the store and buy some more cushion inserts.  I only have one left and have three more parties coming up which I plan to gift similar cushion covers.

girly cushion cover

I know not all girls are girly girls, but I totally am and I so channelled my inner princess this week in sewing ;)

applique cushion cover

I really considered changing my name and keeping this cushion cover and pillowcase…  In addition to over the top girly gifts I also sewed a princess dress, some princess bling and two prince crowns.  Yep, we’re sparkling over here at Pretty Bobbins too but you’ll have to wait for next week for those photos (unless you follow me on Instagram, I’ve already shared progress pics there) :)

I’m linking up to TGIFF over at Molli Sparkles.  Have you been sewing up a storm this week?  Thanks for having us Molli!

A mini break in Sarraméa


Hotel garden

We’re currently in the middle of two weeks of school holidays, Mr Husband took the first week off and we headed to the small hamlet of Sarraméa in the hills for two nights.  We had a great time and the hotel was right near a horse ranch so my city kids had a lot of fun checking out the horses.


The hotel had wifi but there was no reception and I intentionally did not get the password for the wifi.  Since being sick with pneumonia last July I really struggled with energy levels.  Although I only spent 4 days in hospital it took me four months to recover.  Then in December I had a thyroid episode which took another 4 months to recover from.  The chronic fatigue I suffered during those months saw me spending hours at a time just laying on the bed unable to summon the energy to get up.  I didn;t have the energy to be a good parent.  I yelled a lot, I cooked the quickest and easiest meals I could manage and I pretty much stopped participating in any activities that occurred outside of the house.

“hiking” family style LOL

It is so amazingly wonderful to have my energy back that I am really just focusing on being with my family, on being an active and engaged parent.  So it was great to completely disconnect from social media.  A good friend of mine said to me a couple of years ago, “I always wanted to be an active Mum, the Mum that gets in the pool with the kids rather than sits on the side watching them swim.”  I feel like I’m finally at that point again.  That I can race the boys down a path, jump in a freezing pool with them, take them for a ‘hike’ and get down on the floor and play lego and Hello Kitty.

Racing Mr 4 whilst Mr 6 photographs us :)

It’s great!

Having said all of that, I am hoping to get my craft on today ;)  A girl does need some ‘me time’ and for me that means sewing and quilting.  I kind of have too many projects to choose from so I will just quickly show you an order I finished earlier in the week :)

pillowcase collage text
chequebook collage text
Chequebook cover (I LOVE this one!)

Do you ever struggle to be the parent/person you want to be?  How do you find the right balance?  Any tips? :)

Mr 4 enjoys taking photos with the iPod

Bon weekend!

Not so much progress


Sorry for the silence!  Although if you read as many blogs as me you might not have noticed LOL  My Dad headed back to Hong Kong last Thursday and I promptly came down with a migraine for two days, then a huge coldsore, then a tummy bug!  Whilst I still have the remains of the coldsore (I hate those nasty things!) I am otherwise feeling good again :)

Due to Dad’s visit and feeling unwell I haven’t really sewn much until today.  The only sewing I was able to muster the energy for was to make Mr 6 a new pencil case for school.  Of course Mr 4 had to have one too (I made a total rookie mistake of not making one for Miss 2 and have been constantly reminded since!).  Mr 6 was happy enough to select his fabrics and head back to the lounge, Mr 4 had his first sewing lesson.

sewing lessons
Lucky boy learning to sew on a Bernina with Aurifil thread!  Only the best will do!

Mr 4 is going through some major jealousy issues. His big brother has started Primary School and will get his photo in the paper.  This is a HUGE issue of contention and I felt that a one on one sewing lesson with Mummy might help things a little.  You should have seen his face light up when I said he could use my sewing machine!

sewing lesson 2
Quilting his pencil case.

So much fun and of course I was secretly imagining him growing up into an amazing designer LOL  I know lots of people buy a cheap machine for their kids to learn on but I would really like my kids to learn on a good machine.  So for now I will work with them on my Bernina and when they’re ready to go solo I’ll break out my old girl, a trusty old Husky that is pretty much bullet proof.

pencil cases
The finished pencil cases.  Mr 4 did all of his own quilting with a *little* Mummy help :)

Today I finally made it back to the sewing machine and started to piece together a wheel quilt as part of the Curves Class at Stitched in Color.  Curves Class has finished but I will continue to work on the projects in my own time.

wheel quilt wip

Rachel produced a beautiful wheel quilt and seeing as I have always wanted to make a colour wheel I decided to go with a rainbow themed wheel.

made in France
Just a reminder that it was made in France.

The segments were entirely pieced from my scraps.  Isn’t that an awesome feeling? :)

cute mice
Aren’t these mice the cutest?  And using scraps I’m OK with half the Mummy mouse missing.
Really, I’m OK ;)  Not OCD at all LOL

I think I’m going to go with a solid grey background and quilt the heck out of it.  Nothing like a little FMQ to raise the spirits! :)

lovely scraps
A favourite scrap from the lovely Ms Midge!

This little quilt will be a Baptism gift for someone super special.  I plan to stitch some meaningful words onto the quilt and would love any suggestions.  I have a few ideas (which I won’t write here because I think baby’s Mum reads my blog) but I’d really appreciate any suggestions you might have.  The beautiful babe who will receive this gift is Catholic and I’m happy to go with something biblical or a more modern blessing.

liberty scraps
Even some Liberty scraps slipped in!

Here’s hoping everyone has some colour in their day today :)

colour wheel wip
Looking good!
I’m linking up with Work In Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced :)
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Gah! No really, argh!


Anyone else experiencing the full blown panic that seems to accompany Christmas?  If I wasn’t completely ashamed of the HUGE MESS that is my sewing room I would share a pic as it really reflects my sewing stress (good stress, not bad).  It really looks like a bunch of monkeys have run to the fabric shelves and randomly pulled out fabric and thrown it all around, stuffed that in to bags, tried to hide it, then started throwing fabric around again.  I’m telling myself (and anyone who will listen) that I’ll tidy in January.  Gosh I hope so or I might get lost in here!

This week I’m finishing off a few WiPs:

A dress (requires button to be made and stitched on):

toddler dress

A cushion cover (Alien needs an pupil and mouth):

Alien cushion cover
A little reverse applique and raw edged applique.  Usually I quilt cushion covers but didn’t this time. I think he is cute :)

A Christmas mini quilt (can’t share as it’s a gift for someone who reads my blog).  It’s super awesome and totally Christmas and I’m thinking I’ll do a tutorial on it as I love it so much :)

A gift for the Director of our school.  Fabric has been selected, PP pattern printed.  Um, work has yet to begin and school finishes in two days…  Gah!!!!

Gifts for Mr 6′s classmates.  Half are done.  No idea what to make the boys (the girls are getting hairclips or ties).  Any suggestions?  I need something quick, simple and suitable for 13 six year old boys.  Like super quick.  Key rings?  Argh!

I did have two finishes today.  If I didn’t have enough on my plate today with an early finish for school, followed by swimming lessons, followed by a birthday party and Mr Husband working super late, I decided that even though I had struck it off the list as it was INSANE, I needed to provide handmade gifts for the birthday boy and girl.  So with less than an hour I made two zippered pouches.  I didn’t even use batting or interfacing.

zippered pouches
About 10″ x 6″ using a 9″ zip

These two pouches (complete with the initial of each child) were gifted along with a bought present (a Hello Kitty makeup set and a Playmobil Pirate set).  And you know what???  The birthday girl was carrying around her pouch for the whole afternoon.  How proud am I?

girls zippered pouch
For a Miss Z

Yep, being a little sewing crazy is so worth it when you make a 6 year old happy :)  Funnily enough I only bought a 25cm cut of Happy Hills to see what all the fuss was about and I really didn’t love it.  Turns out six year old girls think it’s pretty ACE :)

back of spiderman zippered pouch
The back of the Spiderman pouch for a Mr V

On completely different news…  I’m thinking of shutting down my other blog, Suburban Adventures in Nouméa.  I just drafted a post letting readers know but I’m going to sleep on it.  Whilst I’m much, much happier in Nouméa than I was a few months back, my heart just isn’t in that blog.  It was pretty much beaten up and left for dead with a few punches for good measure.  Yeah, you can see why I’m not so keen on being all chipper about life here.  My point being (there is a point!), would you guys mind if I shared some more of my life here?  At present I keep this blog pretty strictly to sewing and quilting.  But what I’m thinking is posts here and there about my life beyond sewing.  Like the awesome school concert we had that the local Kanak, Polynesian and Melanesian auxiliary staff taught the kids dances and decorated the school in palm fronds and local flowers.  Would that fit with your blog reading interests or would you just run screaming from another Crafty/Mummy blogger?  I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

school decorations Nouméa styleschool decorations Nouméa
Would you like to see more of this part of my life?

I’m linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I Spy Progress


I wrote yesterday that I planned to baste my Rainbow I Spy quilt last night.  I had packed it up along with everything else before we went on vacation.  I had forgotten that I hadn’t yet added the final borders LOL  Having set everything aside for a month I redid my quilt math from scratch this morning and then got busy finishing my quilt top and back.

This afternoon was crafternoon but almost everyone was busy (we have a newborn in our group, yippee!) with various commitments except my lovely friend Sarah and I.  Today Sarah was cutting out paper Christmas crafts but she was kind enough to put her tools down and help me with some photos (did I mention that she is tall?) :)
A finished quilt top, yay!
I Spy Quilt top complete
And back!
I Spy quilt back complete
An iron might be required!
I’m very happy with how everything is coming along.  I lay the quilt top and back on Mr 4 and Mr 6′s beds today just to get an idea of placement.  Mr 4 was very disappointed to be told that they are actually one quilt and for his brother.  I did remind him that his quilt is also reversible and even though this one won’t be on his bed it will be in his room.  I don’t think that was quite the response he was after…
Tonight I plan to baste this quilt.  Fingers crossed there is something interesting on TV LOL

End of Year Gifts


I mentioned the other day that I had started on some gifts for the staff at school to thank them for looking after our boys this year.  We still have a month of school left, but last year the auxiliary staff went on strike for the last few weeks so we weren’t able to give them anything.  This year I didn’t want them to miss out!

Mr 4 and Mr 6 actually have the same assistant teacher, she swaps between their classes, spending the morning with Mr 4 in the Section de Petit and the afternoon with Mr 6 in the Section de Grande.  Both boys have a Cantine lady that takes their groups to the Cantine for lunch.  Mr 6 also wanted to give something to the two ladies that serve the meals in the Cantine.  All of these women work really hard and the kids really like them.  I wish I had been organised a little earlier to give them something more, but considering I had to come up with 5 gifts and we have only been back from our holiday for less than a week, and I fit in sewing the class costumes….  Modest gifts it is :)

assistant teacher gifts
Oh dear, we have a wonky dumpling!

I made a dumpling purse for each of the ladies using this great tutorial.  I didn’t use interfacing.  Rather I used scraps of cotton wadding and quilted each of the purses, just the outside fabric and the wadding.  Each purse was filled with cute wrapped chocolates.


The tutorial is super easy and I will definitely make more of these.  Sal commented that they are the perfect size for holding mouth guards and of course the Roller Derby gal’s need funky covers for their mouth guards! :)  I’m thinking of changing up the pattern a little, but have a few things to do first LOL

I literally finished these off this morning and took the photos as we were running out the door to school (hence the totally dodgy photography, sorry!).  I wish I had taken a few more photographs as I did a heap of quilting on them.  The yellow one has SLQ on the diagonal between the flowers and the rest have a heap of FMQ.  It’s hard to see below, but the brown floral one has FMQ outlining some of the flowers, the green one has FMQ on the leaves and around the flowers and in the centers, the pink one I echoed the flowers in the negative space and FMQ the centres.  For the Blue purse I FMQ spirals and echoed them until I met the next spiral.  They have really fun lining fabric too.  I really should have taken more photos!!

dumpling purses fmq

Next is back to my to-do sewing list (which is growing).  Tonight is the Spectac (end of year concert) and I’m helping Mr 6′s class back stage.  AND!!!!  Mr Husband is coming back from his work trip early so he will meet us at school and will see the kids perform :)  :)  :)

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