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It’s Thursday and it’s time to linky up your quilty process here at Pretty Bobbins!  Sometimes I think too much, I always have.  In fact one of my favourite things to do is quilt and think (I’m not one to watch TV and piece, I prefer the company of my own thoughts).  This week I’ve been thinking a lot about being a professional quilter and blogger and what that means.  But first up I want to feature the incredibly talented Jess of The Elven Garden.

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

I remember first coming across Jess and being so incredibly impressed with her quilting.  Seriously amazing stuff!  She is now teaching and has been published in magazines and is generally a bit of a quilting superstar in my books :)  I’m looking forward to meeting Jess in real life and sharing a room at QuiltCon next year!!

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden - saw this in person, it's AMAZING!!

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden – saw this in person, it’s AMAZING!!

Yesterday Jess wrote a post about thinking and quilting.  Now I’ll admit that I quilt and think, the two go hand in hand for me.  Jess talked about how some of us are mindful quilters and some aren’t and how she’s realised that she is totally happy “just” making pretty things and being happy <3  Jess, I’ll be happy if you keep making pretty things!  The world needs more quilt candy, be it mindfully made or thrown together with purpose rather than deep thought involved ;)

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Image used with permission from The Elven Garden

Seriously, this kind of talent kills me!  ABSOLUTELY stunning!  If you haven’t already, please head over to The Elven Garden and say hi to Jess.  Her work is all things wonderful <3

Quilting with my Miss

Quilting with my Miss

The only quilting I’ve been up to lately is a super simple quilt for Francois, my daughter’s class mascot.  The children in her class laid out the charm squares and we made the quilt together at home.  We added photographs to the Francois’ scrapbook and I have hung a few copies in my sewing room <3

Triangle quilt in progress

Triangle quilt in progress

As usual I have been thinking a lot about my business and I’ve decided to aim to have a market stall.  We all know that pricing is arguably the hardest part of quilting and I very much believe that we should charge what we’re worth.  I have a super hard time following through with this and generally tend to sell myself short.  I have decided that everything I make for market will be properly priced.  I’ve been timing myself as I’m working and you may be interested to hear my progress.

Cutting:  50 minutes

Layout: 40 minutes

Piecing: 205 minutes

That’s almost 5 hours of work before basting, quilting and binding and this is only a cot sized quilt.  Of course I will probably chicken out and charge far less than the finished quilt is actually worth, but at least by figuring out an accurate cost based on time, materials and skill I can educate myself.  In this same vein I urge you to visit this post by Mandalei Quilts on working for free.  It is definitely food for thought and fits with my own experience of realising that as much as I love to accept free fabric, the work that I put into my work is worth far more than the say $50 worth of free fabric.  As a business I just don’t think I can afford to work for free anymore.  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one :)

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So that’s my thinky quilty Thursday :)  Please link up your quilty process below <3

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I Quilt Linky Party – Confidence


Welcome to I Quilt linky party at Pretty Bobbins, it’s Thursday (in Nouméa) and time to link up your quilting process.  Please link up, visit a few other linkers and grab my button (code at top right or down the bottom if you’re on a mobile device) and link back in your post.  Let’s spread the quilty love <3 :)  We had some seriously impressive linkers last week and as I was visiting all of the blogs I started thinking about quilting with confidence as quite a few people mentioned this.  Last week a Facebook friend shared a quote that said something like, “don’t compare your middle to someone else’s high point”.  It really struck a cord with me (as did the response that we should never compare our middles ;) ).

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The online quilting community is great, blogs are great, craftsy and flickr and instagram are great.  But every now and then I catch myself comparing my work rather than being inspired.  Don’t get me wrong, 95% of the time I am surfing the web I am being inspired but there is a small part of me that every now and then thinks, “I’m not that good.” rather than “I look forward to being that good” or “I’m going to try that”.  Of course there are better quilters than me, there always will be!  And that’s great, it gives me something to aspire to.  But my point is, compare yourself to yourself.  To how far you’ve come, to what you achieved during your quilting time today, to the skills that come easily now compared to that first lesson when EVERYTHING was a challenge. (I remember being totally perplexed by how to use a rotary cutter and ruler and cutting all my blocks .5″ wrong!).  I used to sometimes feel like blogland was too happy and no one ever said anything real or negative.  But I have come to understand that the encouragement that we give each other is far more important than saying, “it would have looked better if you….” or “those really aren’t my colours…”  I read every comment I get and whilst I can’t always respond, those comments all build my confidence and that makes me a braver and better quilter.  Share the love people! :)

Photo used with permission from Marelize @ Stitch by Stitch

This week I am featuring the lovely Marelize from Stitch by Stitch.  I think I originally “met” Marelize on Instagram and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing her work.  She also quilts on a Bernina and is super amazing at free motion quilting.  Seriously, check her out if you love quilting candy!   Last week she linked up the most BEAUTIFUL quilt in progress and was talking about how it just wasn’t how she imagined.  Marelize, the rest of us can see how stunning that quilt is, your work is divine!  The back really shows the detail. AMAZING!

Photo used with permission by Marelize @ Stitch by Stitch

I’m actually in the same head space as Marelize at the moment.  I love the quilting I did on my “Dream” mini (below) but it isn’t quite there, it’s not how I imagined it would be.  I need to add a bit and I think by attaching the binding next I will be inspired to stitch on those words like I envisaged and decide whether or not to outline the word “dream” or leave it subtle.

As often is the case, the back is the show stealer here…

My other current quandry is the table runner I am making as a thank you/farewell gift for Mr 7′s teacher.  (Thank you for all the useful suggestions and kind thoughts yesterday.  Apparently he was improved this morning but lost focus this afternoon.  That in itself is a HUGE improvement.  Funny that my son is stubborn… ;) )  After so much dense SLQ on the Dream mini I just couldn’t do it again even though it was my first thought for the table runner (this girl needs curves!).

Triangle table runner in progress

I LOVED this baby during the piecing and felt oh so clever how I’d used all teal and placed it from dark to light with the bold pink thrown in.  I actually really thought this one needed some harsh geometric quilting but I didn’t want to quilt over the triangles.  I pondered it for a day and then decided to just jump in.

Stuck in a rut!

I kind of got stuck on the same pattern.  Does that ever happen to you?  Completely not loving it I gave up the idea of something I would love and decided to throw in some half swirls spewing out into pebbles.  I like it a lot more now, but it looks really beachy to me and that wasn’t at all what I was going for….  Ah!  I need to think less and have more confidence in giving hand made gifts!!  Do you give handmade gifts confidently?  It’s that real conundrum, do you give handmade and put in lots of effort and then maybe it ends up at goodwill or in the rubbish…  Or is it only me that is lacking in confidence on the handmade gift front?  Spill the beans people! :)

Adding swirls and pebbles for interest

Now it’s your turn.  I’d love you to link up below.  Please remember that this is a quilting process linky.  We all want to hear about your process, we want to learn and be inspired and share your quilty journey <3  Please remember to visit a few other linkers and add my button to your post or sidebar.  Happy quilting!! :)

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Hanging in there


As the title suggests, I’m just hanging in there.  I’ll spare you the grim details of post-packing fallout, suffice to say that Mr 7′s teacher pulled me aside today and told me that he is going to fail his final evaluations because he has mentally shutdown following the packing up of our house.  If anyone has any suggestions on motivating, building confidence and managing change when it comes to children…  I’m all ears!  In the absence of good parenting I have promised Mr 7 the Nintendo DS (game thingy) that he desperately wants if he works hard like he did before last Monday.  I have been saying all year that it is too expensive and not possible but I hope the lure of the DS is enough to get him working again.  I have informed his teacher of this incentive and asked that she remind him if possible when he is head down refusing to work.  Terrible parenting but I’m desperate.  It is heartbreaking to watch your child shutdown and risk repeating a year of school because they are not coping with the thought of leaving their friends and the only home they remember.  Sorry, I meant to spare you the details…

‘Dream’ mini in progress – made with scraps from Rainbow Plus quilt top. Aprox 15″ x 30″

Usually I keep my works in progress to a minimum.  At the moment I’m suffering a lack of clarity when it comes to quilting designs but I’m pushing on and then procrastinating when I feel that the design I’ve gone with is not right.  I was thinking the word “dream” in the above mini was too obvious but when I shared it on IG the clever peeps there suggested outlining it in black.  I’m still procrastinating…

I use my ‘tri recs’ ruler when piecing triangles :)

I’ve started a table runner for Mr 7′s teacher as a thank you/farewell gift.  I loved it during the piecing stage.  I’m worried I messed it up whilst quilting.  I’ve probably quilted a 1/4 of it but didn’t grab a photo before the light went (and can’t find the charger for my DSLR, sorry for the ipad pics!) so here it is pieced.

Aprox 15″ by 60″

The other main piece I am working on is a custom order, a Butterfly quilt based on a cot sized one I made a few weeks back.  My wadding arrived today so I hope to baste it tonight (although crying into my wine is more tempting!).

Butterfly quilt in progress aprox 2m x 1.9m

I’m using fusible adhesive and raw edged appliqué and I love all the pink on the grey.  Quilts like this make having a large stash a lot of fun.  My customer had a great time going through all of the pinks and putting together her picks :)

I’m linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  I’d love you to pop back tomorrow and link up to my Quilting Process linky <3

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Dense quilting


I’ll concede that you’re probably going to get tired of my countdown until our move, but it’s what is taking up all of my brain space right now and the shipping container arrives in less than two weeks!  Of course top priority is to get sewing projects finished…  I may be a master at the art of procrastination…  It seemed very important to tackle some dense quilting today… But let’s ignore that and look at some progress photos ;)

I finally put together a top using my bee blocks from QCA Bee1.  To be honest it was a challenge.  The quilt is for my friend who is very special to me but has a difficult life.  She lives in a shack without electricity or running water and I will be very sad to say goodbye when we leave Nouméa.  I really want to give her something special and I had the idea that bee blocks would be great as they were from a group of Australian women and I thought she would love that idea :)  I had to fix quite a few of the blocks and some of the prints were really not so awesome, it really took the wind out of my sails. The whole experience was a lesson for me.  I’m not sure I’m suited to traditional bees.  I should have said I wanted modern prints (I just assumed which is silly).  If I think about it I generally don’t sew traditional blocks so being part of a traditional bee, whilst fun, isn’t really me.  Anyway, I’m super happy with how it all came together in the end.  I spent hours auditioning fabrics and thinking it over and then I remember there dark grey print with the bright birds on it.  I actually pieced it to get the length that I needed but I liked the look so much that I pieced both sides.  I can’t wait to see how the quilting pulls this baby together.  I’m thinking I might use a fun teal thread :) :)  And just so you know, I am glad that I have been in the bee and I have learnt a lot from it :)  I don’t mean to sound whingy, it was just disappointing to find a block with holes in it and other blocks with seam allowances so small that I had to resew them or there would have been holes after the first wash.  But enough from me, I love it and I know my friend will too :)

It would appear that it is birthday season and I’m therefore on a cushion/pillow making crusade.  First up is a superhero quilted cover for Isaia.

My eldest son turned seven today and whilst his Mummy made gift is a day late I’m sure he is going to love it :)

You could say that I like free motion quilting ;)

The above panel is only 13″ x 16″ so the dense quilting was kinda insane, especially black on black where I had to sort of feel the thread as I couldn’t see it very well.

Super tricky to see and I probably should have changed to the open toe…


Next up will be a princess cushion cover, but I’ve only cut the front panel so far, must get cracking!!

I’m linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced :)  Tomorrow I will be talking about thread issues and free motion quilting.  I’d love you to pop back and link up your quilting process <3  If you have any questions you’d like me to (try and) answer please let me know :)


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Primary Plus Quilt in progress


Ages ago I pulled two stacks of fabric both based on the primary colors, one for each of my sons for a winter quilt.  My younger son is getting the cascade quilt.  I knew all along that I wanted to make a plus quilt for my older son but I I felt the prints I’d pulled were a bit stark.  Then I had the brilliant idea to pull in some solids and the whole thing went from hohum to passionate chopping and excitedly filling the design wall.

(mostly) kona on the left, original pull on the right

Big love to Pink Chalk for their awesome Kona Color Box stack.  I bought it almost a year ago and it is PERFECT for this project!!!  The only reason I had waited so long to use it is that it is so pretty that I couldn’t chop it up LOL

reds first followed by orange

I cut three (where possible) pluses of each print (each plus is made up of 1 x 3.5″x9.5″ and 2 x 3.5″x3.5).  I knew exactly the layout I wanted so I just started throwing things on the design wall as fast as I could :)

I filled in all the colours first, spilling over each other, getting a nice blend of colour.  Without the text print it was lacking but I have a thing about needlessly cutting up fabric so I filled the design wall and then worked out what sized strips I needed of the text print.

My lovely friend Jane sent me some of her clever row markers ages ago so I decided to give them a whirl.  You press the seams in the direction of the arrows (although I press open) and I found them super helpful for getting track of everything.  I was seriously worried about messing with my original layout and having to redo it – not a window was allowed to be opened until I had the pieces off the design wall and safely pinned!

I find quilting quite exciting, but I have to say that this one was extra special to watch as it came together.

Serious love right there folks.

I haven’t sewn the rows together yet.  I love the movement of them hanging there and moving every so slightly in the breeze.

I think I love this quilt in progress so much because I used a select few of my favourite prints, stuck to a defined palette, broke into my pretty solids and did the whole thing on instinct.  I didn’t change a thing from my original layout and I think this quilt reflects how much I love colour but also how fun the primary colours can be all by themselves.


I’m linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for my iquilt linky party.  Tomorrow we’re talking quilting process and I have a few fun ideas gurgling around in my brain to share with you :)


September Roundup


Eeek!  It’s already the 4th of October and I haven’t done my round up for September yet!  This week I have been completely preoccupied with sorting out my long arm purchase.  Will you excuse my tardiness if I told you I have been doing such fun things as reading a 68 page tax document?  Yep, that’s how much I want this dream ;)

Clockwise from left: Cascading Quilt, Quilted 214 Tote, QAYG cushion front and back

As usual I pieced, quilted and was merry in September.

This is me as a show pony ;) L-R: Tova dress, Tova top, halterneck dress (drafted from store bought dress)

I had a whole heap of fun participating in Selfish Sewing Week and made myself three items of clothing!

I’m linking up very late to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily’s Quilts :)  I hope to see you there!  And big love to those of you who have linked up to my quilting linky party or plan to :)  I really appreciate the support and am super excited!  There are some really great posts linked up, you can find them here.


Lily's Quilts


I Quilt Linky Party


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Welcome to my very first linky party! This linky is for you if you like to quilt, if you love to quilt, if you’re just dipping your toe into the (quilting) water, if you have a domestic or long arm machine and if you want to learn and share your quilting journey :)  I want to emphasize that there is no need to share a finished project and please don’t be scared to join in if you’re a total newbie.  All I ask is that you talk about your quilting process :)  Grab a button (html is there on the right —>), add it to your post or side bar and visit two (or more) other bloggers to share the quilt love <3

Mini Cross Quilt

My best piece of quilting advice is to not worry about whether your quilting is perfect.  Sure, that’s easy to say if you’re already good at it, not so easy if you feel like the machine is running away from you and every stitch is a potential disaster.  But honestly, my quilting did not really take off until I stopped trying to produce perfect quilts.  Relax, enjoy the process.

mini cross quilt – basting

I started this piece with the idea of turning it into a cushion cover.  It is about 18″ x 25″ and when I quilt something this size I tend to use pins rather than curved safety pins as they’re faster to remove.  I always point my pins in the same direction and even spaced.  This allows me to anticipate them as I’m quilting rather than coming across them in surprise and breaking a needle.

Auditioning thread – I always lay a long piece of thread over the quilt top in natural light when selecting threads.

When I started to gain some confidence and try new quilting designs I was careful to make sure that my thread blended into my quilt, I didn’t want any errors to show through.  I learnt the hard way that this also means that you’re beautiful work can’t be seen.  Now I enjoy using bold colours and showing off my quilting.

SLQ with free motion foot

I really love the texture that dense straight line quilting (SLQ) gives but I hate the drag you get when going back and forth using your walking foot.  I either start and stop, always returning to the same end so I’m quilting in the same direction or I slap on my free motion foot and go with “organic” straight lines.  I really like the organic look but you have to be willing to accept that your lines will not be straight ;)

Another reason that I love dense SLQ is that you can make your piecing pop.  In the above photo I’m starting to quilt in the middle so I’ve lined my needle up with a seam so that the start point will disappear into the seam.  I come back and bury my threads later (you need to leave a decent tail to bury your threads).

Burying threads

In case you have no idea what “burying threads” means (which will auto correct to “burying heads on the ipad), it is when you pull both threads to one side of your quilt, tie a double knot, grab a needle and then bury your threads by inserting the needle into the hole the threads came out of.  Make sure you keep the needle in the quilt sandwich for a few inches, pull it out and trim your threads.  It is always a good idea to make sure that your threads haven’t traveled through to the other side of the quilt before you trim them.  Ask me how I know…

Review your design as you go

I rarely sketch out my quilting design.  I usually have an idea and just jump in.  For this project I had the idea of the SLQ but nothing else.  I am happy to work this way but I regularly step back and look at my quilting.

Too much!!

I really cannot resist colour.  That doesn’t mean it always looks good!  After stitching the blue and pink paisley designs I really felt this mini was too chaotic.

I added some dense grey quilting to tone down this mini and I think it worked well.  The grey fabric is Kona Steel and is quite dark.  The thread is Aurifil 2605 in 50wt which is a lighter grey.  I really like how it softens the saturated hues.

angled light and photography helps show quilt texture

Actually showing off your quilting is a whole different skill set.  Adrianne from The Windy Side gave me the terrific tip to photograph my quilting indoors with natural light coming in on an angle.  I’ve taken this a step further and tend to photograph my quilt on a steep angle to really show the texture.


I tend to quilt the heck out of every quilt ;)  I always quilt right up to the edge and go back and fort so that my stitches (and piecing) remain secure as I work and later when I trim it.

quilting the negative space allows the piecing to pop

The above photo demonstrates why I love dense quilting so much.  Each of those X’s are 3.5″ finished blocks so you can get the idea of how small some of those paisleys are.  I did wander into the piecing once or twice, but I don’t worry about trying to be perfect ;)

I really enjoy the meditative quality of quilting.  I don’t mark my fabric so I’m constantly visualizing the space.  Filling out the curls above I used the edge of the quilt as a reference point.  Sure, my lines aren’t perfectly straight, but they give the affect that I was after :)

I’m still not sure whether I will turn this mini into a wall hanging or a cushion but I really love it.  The quilting took about 3.5 hours (including basting) and was a lot of fun.  I used Aurifil 50wt 2605 (grey – my go-to colour for piecing dark prints), 1100 (pink) and 2810 (teal).  The grey is kona steel and the prints all come from my Pink Castle Stash Stack subscription.  I used some left over wool wadding  with more kona steel for the back.  The piecing and quilting was all done on my Bernina 440QE, I like to use the BSR foot with the clear plastic sole so that I can see what I’m doing.

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Now it’s your turn!  You don’t have to write an essay (sorry, I get wordy!), just share some of your process so we can all learn together :)  I will keep the linky open for a few days and it will run weekly.  I really hope that you’ll join me <3  Make sure to visit two (or more) other bloggers and add the linky button (html at right –>) to your post or side bar.




Cascading Tetris Quilt in progress


Phew!  That’s a mouthful but I really do have an image of a kind of colour-clever cascading tetris for this twin quilt.  But before we start on the WIP I must apologise for the silence.  I’m unwell (sinus infection) and am really struggling with fatigue and just haven’t had it in me to blog.  Keeping everyone fed and clothed and food at the ready has been enough for the last week.  But before the sickness I was in Australia test driving long arm quilting machines and it was so wonderful and exciting and fantastic and great and…  Well, you get the idea ;)  But I’ll save all that for a post of it’s own!

Months ago I pulled out fabric to make a winter quilt for both of my sons.  Mr 5 has a light-weight quilt that is big enough to sleep under but doesn’t drape over the sides of the mattress at all.  Combine that with the big move back to Australia at the end of this year where we will be experiencing four seasons and I definitely NEED to make winter quilts for at least two of my three babies!  (Miss 3′s princess quilts has a flannel back and wool wadding, the boys currently have cotton and bamboo).

Adding in some low value prints

The thing I love about quilty blogs is the process, seeing how other people work and taking some of their methods and trying them out myself.  It is slightly ironic then that I often find myself hesitant to share a quilt in the earliest stages of progress.  I tend to have a very clear image in my head of what the finished quilt will look like but I worry that people won’t get my vision and will preemptively judge a quilt.  So what am I saying?  Trust me, this quilt is gonna be fab! ;)  (From lack of self confidence to in your face in two seconds folks, that’s me!)

Sewing the rows – the cascade affect taking shape

So whilst I’m here to show you my current work in progress I guess I’m also talking about self confidence.  Mine in particular.  A few months back I was interviewed by Kathreen Ricketson who was travelling Australia with her family.  Two days after I sent off my finished interview and photos, Kathreen and her husband tragically passed away.  The news was gut wrenching, completely unbelievable.  Not only do online connections make people seem more real and close, but I’d only just been corresponding with Kathreen.  Like many in the craft world I was swept up in the outpouring of grief for Kathreen and her family.  It isn’t my place to tell her story, we weren’t close friends, but she did do something really important for me.  She made me face the world and put into words what my hopes and dreams are.  I had thought that the article wouldn’t go ahead and to be brutally honest I thought it would be rude of me to ask the magazine if they were going to run the story.  So it was a big surprise to hear that the article has been published in the current issue of Quilter’s Companion, an Australian quilting magazine.  I haven’t seen the article yet but I did see an image (below) by Siobhan of Beaspoke Quilts on instagram this morning.  That’s my mini quilt there!  So big thanks to Kathreen for making me step up and share my dreams with the world.  After I’d typed it up for Kathreen it was much easier to share it here, and now I’m at the point where I’m just about to invest in a long arm machine and start my quilting business in earnest next year!

Image with permission from Beaspoke Quilts

So what’s the moral of the story?  Be brave.  Voice your dreams and pursue them relentlessly.  Accept that good things happen in time.  Cherish every moment.

That’s where I am right now.  Have you got a dream that you don’t have the confidence to share?  I encourage you to shout it from the rooftops!  Write it down, tell a friend, mention it over a cup of tea.  I’m finding that everyone I tell only has positive and encouraging words and that just helps me on my way :)

I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Princess Quilt in Progress


I asked a friend recently how her blog was going and she replied that she was too busy ‘doing’ to be blogging.  The recent silence around these parts is due to the same reason!  My little girl turns three later this month and I have a princess quilt to make!   Way back in the first week of July I pulled a heap of prints to go with some Princess prints from Hawthorne Threads.  I have been pondering the design ever since…

Whilst I have been beavering away on other projects my mind has been contemplating a design for the Princess Quilt.  I can’t tell you how many times I have looked through my favourites on Flickr.  I really had a mental blank and even asked the lovely peeps on Instagram what I should do.  As Alyce pointed out, I couldn’t just do a classic square in square LOL  My problem was that I wanted to feature the princess prints, I wanted a scrappy style quilt but I didn’t want chaos and I also wanted to challenge myself in design and technique.  Finally it all came together and I *think* I have a winner :)  I have a beginning at least!

My idea is to frame a number of princess themed prints in saturated prints. I want the frames to be narrow, to compliment the feature prints and to highlight them rather than over power them.  I plan to then add a fat border in a complimentary low value print.  I’m thinking that I will quilt the low value prints in a soft pink, bringing them all together and not making them look like princess vomit.  I hope!

I have selected a range of themed prints that I will fussy cut fat squares out of and add in at some point.  I really want the framed prints to float on a sea of three year old fun.

I’ve found so many themed prints in my stash that I’m thinking of adding some big borders and just having the framed prints right in the center of the quilt.  I’m thinking a lot about the design LOL  I’m excited about this quilt but I also have a deadline looming.  Miss soon-to-be Three knows that a Princess Quilt is coming and she hasn’t yet mastered the art of compromise…

I went looking for magic toadstools in my stash and found three!

I’m linking up to Work In Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


A Paper Pieced Party


My main work in progress this week has been my “Celebrate” quilt made from blocks put together by the wonderful wombat stew girls (Fiona, Midge, Alyce, Kristy, Jane, Lara, Marieka).  I was the last Queen in the first round of our paper piecing bee and I really wasn’t sure if my theme would work.  I selected “celebrate” and asked the girls to make a block of any size that met this theme.  I put together a pinterest board to inspire them and explained that I wanted to turn their blocks into a wall quilt that would hang in our home whenever we had cause to celebrate.  The girls outdid themselves!  This week I put all of the blocks on the design wall.

Paper Pieced Celebrate blocks on my design wall

I had asked the girls to please send me some scraps of the prints that they used in their blocks.  They are such generous friends and they sent me a stack of scrap love including some wonderful novelty prints that were just perfect!

The Rainbow I Spy quilt was my first go at putting together random sized blocks.  I’m much better at it now.  I’ve learnt to work in sections, building up blocks until the sections match in either width or height and then joining them together

Turning different shaped blocks into sections

I was so excited with the finished top.  I LOVE it and my kids do too!

Paper Pieced Celebrate Quilt top

I was having so much fun that I found it really hard to stop and auditioned a range of borders including these great FQs that Jane sent.

Trialing borders

I asked the girls for honest feedback and they told me it was too busy (they were right!) so I auditioned every low value print in my stash to create a scrappy border.

Possible low value border

Thankfully my brain kicked in and I realised that a pale sketch border would be perfect and allow me to have some fun quilting.

Celebrate quilt basted

So now all I have to do is find the time to quilt this beauty.  August is birthday month in our house and I really wanted to have it ready to hang for the month.  I’m guessing it will be a day or two late ;)

I’m linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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